Welcome to Heatgard™

Heatgard™ manufactures a unique insulation coating with NANO AIR GAPE and NANO REFLECTION technology to provide revolutionary low thermal conductivity coating over equipment and buildings.
We deliver significant improvement on energy efficiency and cost effectiveness in various industries. Our product line ranges from UV reflection coating, sound insulation, marine coating to joinery lacquer..



HeatGard™ Thermal Insulation Coating with NANO AIR GAPE technology is able to provide insulation, prevent corrosion to the surface and promote energy saving. The coating can be applied to equipment such as pipes, tanks, ovens, processing vessels, heat
exchangers and others.

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HeatGard™ Roof Reflection Coating with NANO REFLECTION technology enables the roof to reflect back the sun’s heat flux. The coating will extend the lifespan of the roof by reducing heat transfer into the building, reducing thermal shock and able to maintain desired interior temperature thus reducing the cost of cooling.

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